Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mental Health

This is seriously something I need to work on, hehe, and as my brother in law joked, maybe I am not qualified to write something on Mental Health. :)

Just Kidding, I am as sane as sane can get.............................

um, so anyway........mental health..........

When I think of it, the first thing that comes to mind is "What can I do to support it?". Good question right?
I really feel like when it comes to just the word "Health", their are three main things we need to focus on. 1 being our diet, 2 being exercise(I can't for the life of me spell that word right every time,  so if its wrong, pleeeease forgive me!), and the 3rd is feeding our spiritual health. 

1. Diet-A good clean diet can always support a healthy mental state. When we feed our bodies with junk, it affects all areas. Junk isn't just raspberry and blackberry Jelly Belly candies either (I am not sure why I mentioned those, well, they might just be sitting on my desk.)
"Food Junk" in my book is, any food that does not still have its "Live" qualities to it. When food is not in its whole state, and it has been cooked, or processed , or changed in anyway, it loses its pure value, and we end up taking minerals and properties that our bodies cannot assimilate properly. It ends up storing in our bodies, and we just can't function like we would otherwise. A stunning fact, that I just can't help but share: Those who eat the standard american diet (meat, dairy, cheese, cooked and processed foods, candy, breads) only absorb 10% of nutrients into their blood stream, because of build up in the lower bowels. When we clean our bodies/bowels out, and start eating foods in their raw/whole form, we start to absorb more nutrients, and we end up having more energy and our mental state is invigorated. 

O.K. Keeping it simple-

2.Exercise-Studies show that having a good habit of reading, can help prevent alzheimer's disease. Reading specifically educational material, or good wholesome books. Something positive. I found this great article, by the Time Magazine, on keeping your brain in "tip top shape". http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1147142,00.html
It mentioned doing crossword puzzles and teaching your brain new tricks. Keeping your brain active in learning new things is great exercise for the mental state. 

3. Spritual health- Why does this matter when it comes to your mental health? Well, I think I could give you lots of reasons, from my own personal experience, but to get technical, your spirit is just as important to keeping healthy as your body. Our bodies and spirits are connected and if one is feeling sluggish, the other will too. When it comes to a healthy spirit, it is basically our mental health. As far as exercising our spirit, we can learn new positive and wholesome things, to keep our mental state a boost. Subjecting our mind and spirit to things that are negative in anyway, can take a bigger toll on us than we realize in the moment. Picture harming your body physically continually everyday. Subjecting your spirit or mind to harmful material will end up with the same results of emotional scrapes and bruises. Our minds need just as much positive nutrition and nourishment as our bodies do. 

Anyway, I promise to keep my next article shorter and simpler. I hope this was fun to read, and I look forward to contributing to this blog, with more articles about keeping our mental health positive :)

I would love any comments or feedback on what you would like to learn about mental health. Any research or information you would like to have, please let me know and I will be happy to post about it!!


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