Thursday, November 3, 2011

Eating healthy for the mind

I am subscribed to a really awesome blog by Nick Ortner. He blogs about EFT methods, and will usually give you a session to try out with each of his posts. Its awesome. The one I opened in my email today, I thought was something great to share with all of you. Like I said in my post before, your spiritual health goes hand in hand with your physical and mental health. EFT is one really awesome way to keep your mental and spiritual and physical health balanced.
a little smile to remind you to feel happy :)

Here is the link to the Blog post I read today, it has a session for you to do, and instructions on how to tap if you don't know what to do. I have used tapping methods on lots of personal experiences and I have been amazed at what it can do to calm me down emotionally and physically. I will have to share a few of those experiences sometime, it might turn this into a really long post though, lol. Anyway, read this and enjoy some new positive knowledge on how to take care of your mental health :)

Love you all and Hope you all have a happy healthy day! Julia

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